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If you are interested in getting involved as a participant, please see the following opportunities below.

Study topic: Type III eco-label visual elements and their influence on consumers’ attentive behaviour and perception of sustainable packaging: An eye-tracking study 

Purpose of study:

My name is Prudence Villanueva and I am a MASc Graduate student at Toronto Metropolitan University’s (TMU) Environmental Applied Science & Management program. My Master’s research study is supervised by Dr. Jonghun (Jay) Park, Assistant Professor in the School of Graphic Communications Management at TMU.

As the principal investigator, I am inviting you to voluntarily participate in my research study on eye-tracking and sustainability labelling of packaging. This research aims to analyze how eco-labels on packaging are viewed and perceived under different label designs. A mixed research method will be employed. An eye-tracking approach will be used to observe participants’ attentive behaviour and will be supported by a follow-up survey to assess their preference between the varying eco-labels. Insights from this study will be used for Prudence’s MASc Thesis Paper. Further, I aim to endorse the Canadian mission of being plastic-free, tackling the consumer knowledge gaps surrounding label confusion.   


This study has been reviewed and approved by the Toronto Metropolitan REB (REB 2023-###).

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Principal investigator - Prudence Villanueva (

Supervisor - Dr. Jonghun (Jay) Park (

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