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Our Team

Dr. Jonghun (Jay) Park

Director of the SuParLab / Associate Professor

GCM at The Creative School

Toronto Metropolitan University

Dr. Park is an Associate Professor at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU). Before joining the faculty of TMU, he worked at Samsung Electronics Company as a Senior Engineer, conducting packaging development and optimization projects for electronics products. He received his PhD in wood science and forest products, with an emphasis on packaging systems and design, from Virginia Tech, and a Master of Science in packaging from Michigan State University. He is a member of the International Safe Transit Association's Education Council, the International Association of Packaging Research Institutes, and the International Society of Industrial Ecology. Dr. Park also is affiliated with the Environmental Applied Science and Management program and Yeates School of Graduate Studies at TMU. ​

  • Ph.D. Virginia Tech, 2015

  • M.S.   Michigan State University, 2011

  • B.S.    Yonsei University, 2009

Current Members

Previous Members

Saewhan Kim

Justin Chan

Cecilia Leung

Jamie Miller-Bentia

Tharujah Rasalingam

Katherine Barker

Taylor Alderdice

Zuha Waqar

Anastasia Partserniak

Erika Punzalan

Shambhavi Rathore

Regina Aguilar

Madeline Snyder

Mariia Sozoniuk

Lorena Florea

Junseo Kim

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